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Use this link to start exploring Africa on Google Maps

On this map, you're looking at Africa from 1000 km up in the air. To see more detail, and to use Street View, zoom in to at least 1 km.

Street View

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How to Use Google Map Street View

Flickr World Map

Learn how to explore images of Africa on the Flickr World Map with this Slide Share tutorial:

Use this search string to begin:
Flickr Explore everyone s photos on a Map.jpeg
Screen Shot of Flickr World Map

National Geographic

Visit this page for photos, maps, and travel information for every African country

British National Archives
Explore incredible photographs spanning over 100 years of African history, from the 1860s onwards, taken from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office photographic collection (CO 1069). The full collection can be seen on Flickr

Royal Geographical Society Picture Library
Searchable database of over 2000 pictures
collection can be seen on Flickr, where you can add comments and tags.