Learn the geography of Africa

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Explore the maps page of this wiki http://cdnmypafrica.wikispaces.com/Maps

Explore the major African Rivers on our Major RIvers of the World wiki http://majorrivers.wikispaces.com/

Play games

Learn and review by playing geography games found on this page of our wiki:

Political Map

Click on the map to see it full size
Map source: http://www.nationsonline.org/oneworld/map/africa-political-map.htm

Satellite image of Africa

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Image source: http://www.ilibrarian.net/flagmaps/africa_satellite_map.jpg

Topography of Africa

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Image source:

Check your knowledge

Download and print this outline map of Africa; add what you know.
Countries, and names to write in.

Practice on http://www.ilibrarian.net/flagmaps/africa_map_coloring.jpg

Line map with countries named

Blank map with rivers drawn in - no names

Africa rivers named

Blank map with countries drawn in, dots for capital cities, but no names.

Outline map of landforms, un-named

Physical map, no names, work sheet

Languages and ethnic regions
Click on this image to go to a very large file on wikipedia which you can download.